“We aim to be a global reference.”

Who we are

Over several decades of activity, the Group O FELIZ has been nationally and internationally recognized as a quality reference concerning the Metal Construction Industry and coatings.

O FELIZ Painel is the newest company of the group and its sandwich panel was created to enrich and increase the range of products with the brand O FELIZ. The company occupies today a market leading position concerning the insulated panel. O FELIZ offers high-quality products and solutions which are tailored to customer and market needs.

With the most modern production line, skilled workers and certified reference materials, O FELIZ Painel aims to provide a high level of service, quality and efficiency to ensure and increase customer satisfaction.


The improvement of the insulation and construction materials provides innovative, efficient and cheaper solutions. The insulated sandwich panel with polyurethane foam is one of the best examples of this development.

The sandwich panel, composed of two profiled steel sheets which are joined using a Rigid Polyurethane Foam Core, is the best solution for thermal insulation when compared to other materials such as rock wool or polystyrene.

This is a structure with a good mechanical behavior and water-tightness which is designed for easy installation. Due to its thermal efficiency and fire performance, this product became the most appropriate solution according to the construction regulations.

This is a product with high applicability in civil construction industry mainly in industrial, commercial or house facades.
The sandwich panel is the best choice for industrial cold store systems, in particular when it is installed in modular and prefabricated buildings.


The quality management system, based on ISO 9001, guarantees the highest level of quality and ensures the customers quality expectations.

The production of self-supporting panels, double-skin metal-faced insulating panels, is developed under the CE marking, which quality regulations rely on
EN 14509. The CE marking attests the conformity of the product, according to legislation and European standards. Therefore, the product can circulate freely in the internal market.

To attest the conformity of the products, the company has a factory production control which specifies the work procedures – requirements, regular inspection and testing, devices and manufacturing process from start to finish.

The inspection and test plan sets out all the obligatory inspections during the production stages and guarantees the quality of the products available in the market.

Our laboratory performs daily mechanical testing to determine the resistance properties of the sandwich panel (tensile, impact and compressive strength and core cutting strength).


The environmental management system implemented in O FELIZ Painel shows the concern with sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Therefore, our company actively identifies and implements improvements to minimize consumption and promote efficient use of resources, prevent pollution as well as accidents at work involving dangerous substances.