Topcover® 5



Insulated panel composed of two profiled metal sheets joined by rigid Polyurethane (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam.
The solution with better structural behavior and more efficient in a 5 waves panel for roofs with a minimum slope of 5%.
Panel produced according to EN 14509 and subject to evaluation and verification of regularity of performance according to system 1.


Thicknesses: 30–40–50–60–80–100 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Length: 4,00 — 18,00 m

Metallic Support

Steel grade S250GD: EN 10346
Lacquered coils (organic coating): EN 10169+A1
Thicknesses: 0,4–0,5–0,6 mm

Insulated Core

Polyurethane (PUR) | Polysocyanurate (PIR)
Thermal conductivity:

PUR 0,022 W/mK
PIR 0,022 W/mK

Density: 40 kg/m³
Reaction to fire:

PUR B s2 d0
PIR B s2 d0
PIR-HI B s1 d0

Standard: Polyester paint 25 µm
Specials: Granite HDX 55 µm | PVDF 35 µm